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YouthIES is an Erasmus plus KA2 in youth that aims to support youth social entrepreneurship by incorporating digital expériences, ideation, creativity, social and community responsibility and inspiring the take up of initiatives.

In particular, YouthIES provides a much-needed opportunity for youth and youth work social entrepreneurship skill-building on environmental innovation that is both youth-led and community-based.

The partnership contributes to their know-how of Environmental Degradation, Reduced Habitats caused by urbanisation or industrial activities, Local Deforestation, Soil erosion, Water pollution using non-formal learning methods of digital storytelling and design thinking for climate innovation among youth.

Also, on completion of the project youth will have benefited from the opportunity to apply their social entrepreneurship ideas for environment innovation directly to their communities, through Youth-Led Community Enviro-Hackathons. At the same time, the involvement of partner organisations and relevant stakeholders in the project will allow the exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of youth work and enrich the participants’ knowledge and skills in enhancing community-based green interventions and youth active citizenship.

Project type

DOMAIN :  Cooperation partnership in youth
TERRITORY : France, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Spain
DURATION : 24 months
PROJECT CARRIER: Tandem plus (France)


  • Promoting active eco-citizenship among youth via digital storytelling & design thinking for social entrepreneurship climate innovation at community level.
  • Advancing quality of youth work through knowledge in the use of digital storytelling & design thinking with youth for solution-finding on issues such as Environmental Degradation, Reduced Habitats caused by urbanisation or industrial activities, Local Deforestation, Soil erosion, Water pollution.
  • Increase cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation to promote community-based youth-led actions that will address local environmental challenges.
  • Adopt participatory action research methodology to apply co-creation in the design & development of the project activities.

Project activities

The Project envisages the creation and implementation of:

  1. A Stakeholder Scrutiny Panel comprising youth practitioners, young people, entrepreneurship professionals, climate workers, and community/municipality members.
  2. The YouthIES Vlog Box containing 12 digital storytelling videos co-created with climate practitioners covering Environmental Degradation, Reduced Habitats, Local Deforestation, Soil erosion, Water pollution, & 30 youth-led DS videos on their community-based interventions.
  3. A Training Pack for Youth Workers with modules about : YouthIES VlogBox (12 digital storytelling videos), Design Thinking, Community-based interventions & Youth-Led Participatory Action, Social Entrepreneurship, & DS for climate action.
  4. An Open Resource eToolkit for youth with resources on Urban Farming, Ecological Footprint, Nature-based solutions, & Design Thinking methods.
  5. National 2-day Enviro-Hackathons for Youth-Led Community interventions involving youth workers & youth for direct application of YouthIES methods to develop social entrepreneurship community-based projects.
  6. Involvement of Associate Partners incl. Communities, Municipalities, Youth Associations.
  7. National Virtual Competitions.
  8. Experiential-based Community-based Youth interventions.
  9. Availability of project materials in 6 languages (FR, EN, GR, PO, MT, ES)
  10. Local awareness-raising events, & one social media campaign.


  • Education Agency for Development and Innovation – IDEA (Poland).
  • FRIENDS OF THE EARTH MALTA (Malta) Social Enterprises (Spain).