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UnitED for Global Goals

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UnitED for Global Goals

UnitED for Global Goals is a Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

The consortium created a platform of exchange among the partners who belong to the European Network Tandem Plus to learn and share experiences among operators of VET on the topic of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, especially focusing on the contributing to share knowledge and practice, learning and inclusion actions that each partner has adopted, or wanted to share to tackle challenges identified in three specific Agenda 2030 goals, namely :

  • ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy (No. 7)
  • Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (No. 11)
  • Sustainable consumption and production models (No. 12)

Collaborating in this project, the partners have succeeded in collectiveising and pooling the expertise and knowledge of each partner organisation in relation to the chosen topics, thus reinforcing everyone’s ability to intervene and consequently strengthening the network itself in terms of cohesion and capacity for action

Project type

DOMAIN :  Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
TERRITORY : France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia
DURATION : 32 months
PROJECT CARRIER: Tandem plus (France)


  1. Strengthen and expand the Tandem network by facilitating the exchange of good practices in migrant training and sustainable development.
  2. Incorporate the goals of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainability and Social Inclusion into its training offer.
  3. Actively involve marginalized categories VET users in community life and provide them with tools to create networks of local contacts.
  4. Acquire tools to create and expand networks of local contacts.
  5. Collect all good practices in a final compendium that can inspire other NGOs in their work on the SDGs.

Project activities

  1. Higher Education – Inclusion & Equality as expression of Sustainable Development Goals
  2. VET – Learning Global Goals To Improve Vet Practices;
  3. Youth – Learning Global Goals For Young & Neets
  4. Higher Education – Learning Global Goals To Support Migrant And Immigrant Inclusion
  5. Adult – Learning Global Goals To Valorize Adults Skills



IASIS (Greece)



Centre d’Information et d’Education Hainaut Centre (Belgium) Institute for Professional Development of Youth (Croatia)


1° TM : 2-3 September 2021, San Donà di Piave (FORCOOP CORA)
1° JTS :
20-24 September 2021, Athens (IASIS)
2° TM :
28/02 – 1 March 2022 Lisbon (ANJAF)
2° JTS :
21-24/03 San Donà di Piave (FORCOOP CORA)
3° TM :
6-8 June Lille (TANDEM PLUS)
3° JTS :
3-7 October, 2022 Zagreb (ISUM)
4° TM :
5-6 December 2022 Zagreb (ISUM)
4° JTS :
30 January – 3 Februray 2023 Lille – TANDEM PLUS
5° TM :
28 February – 1 March 2023 – Mons
5° JTS :
27 March – 31 March 2023 Mons – CIEP
6° TPM :
7 – 9 June 2023 Athens (IASIS) Final event